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By Paige McCallum

TO style or not to style, that is the question.

Sellers need to inject warmth into their home and to get mass buyer appeal so you should always try to style a home for sale.

Empty homes can look and feel a bit abandoned so it’s always best to try and avoid this marketing an empty.

Naturally always declutter away everyday mess and open up blinds and embrace as much natural light as possible.

Sellers should always try and remove all personal items such as family photos.

Our top agents all agree that it’s definitely worth while styling a home for sale in order to achieve a premium price.

Agent Sara Perry of Ray White Castle Hill says she always gets her sellers to place a vase of fresh flowers in the entry foyer to create a wonderful first impression.

Next she recommends adding plenty of candles and her favourite scent is vanilla.

“I tell people to place a mirror in the small living areas tio create a 3D effect. Add lamps, downlights, pendants or even chandeliers to enhance a room’s ambience,” Ms Perry said.

“Always display fresh towels in all bathrooms, and even create a playlist of upbeat songs to get buyers in the mood.”

In the Hawkesbury region, Cindy Cash of Ray White Windsor said two properties she recently sold were styled by a professional.

“The property at 75 Comleroy Rd had very dated furniture so the stylist took most of the furniture out and replaced it with more suitable modern furniture and accessories. It gave the illusion that the home was more modern than it actually was.The property at 27 Arthur Phillip Drive was completely empty which is not ideal. The stylist just decorated a few main rooms which made a huge difference to the feel of the home,” Ms Cash said.

“Styling gave the illusion the houses were more modern than they were and I believe contributed to achieving a premium price in both cases,” she said.

Styling just makes people feel something when they walk inside. It creates an emotional response and definitely helps buyers connect more to a property.

“It doesn’t cost a lot of money to style a home using a stylist and it can potentially add tens of thousands of dollars to the sale price, obviously depending on the value of the property.”


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