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Shoalhaven LEP 2014 Approved by State Government

By Elke Blake

I am pleased to inform you that the Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan (SLEP) 2014 was notified (finalised) yesterday afternoon (8 April) on the NSW Government Gazette Legislation website and will legally commence on Tuesday 22 April 2014. The new SLEP 2014 replaces Council’s current Shoalhaven LEP 1985 and incorporates a number of strategic objectives established by the NSW State Government and Council.

SLEP 2014 applies to all land within the Shoalhaven Local Government Area (LGA), with the exception of the Jerberra Estate which has a stand-alone LEP, SLEP (Jerberra Estate) 2014, and a small number of areas that have been deferred from the plan.

Council’s online mapping system will be updated shortly to reflect the new zones, in the meantime landowners can review the notified maps and instrument on the NSW legislation website (please note the maps are not yet online).

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