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How to Add Value to a House Without Renovating

By Elke Blake

It is not always necessary to renovate a property to achieve the best sale price. So, if renovation is not an option for you, here are our top tips and tricks that can help you increase your property’s value:

1. Planning Approvals

If you think that your property has potential for subdivision or development, have the plans drawn up and approved by council before you list your property for sale. Selling a house with planning approvals will attract buyers and developers to your home.

2. Be Prepared

In the months before advertising your property for sale, begin clearing, cleaning and tidying the outside of your home. Clear your yard of unnecessary items – trim trees and plants, weed the gardens, remove all rubbish and building materials, and clear under the house and the side lanes. Wash the outside of the house with a pressure hose, clean all the windows, and fertilise the grass and gardens so they look lush for open inspections.

3. First Impressions Count

People form their opinion of a house from what they see on the outside, so it is important to make a good first impression. If the front fence or door is looking tired, then paint it and shine any hardware. Make sure you clean the veranda and the front steps too.

My favourite trick to add that little extra touch is to place a fashionable door mat, cute chair and cushion, and a plaque on the veranda to make the house look welcoming.

4. Make Rooms Appear Larger

A few well-placed mirrors will make a small room appear larger. This is essential for tiny hallways and dark corners. Clearing clutter and removing furniture that is too large for your space will also help create the illusion of space.

Ensure there is plenty of unobstructed floor space so moving from one room to another is effortless. If buyers have to squeeze past large items of furniture, it gives them the impression that the room is too small, when this might not actually be the case.

5. Define the Space

Organise furniture in such a way so the purpose of every room is clear to buyers. Defining each space makes it easy for the buyer to imagine themselves, and their family, living there.

6. Light Up the Room

A skylight might be necessary to allow light into dark rooms or hallways. If installing one is too expensive, turn on all of the lights at open inspections.

7. Organised Storage

Everyone loves storage solutions and good storage sells homes!

Define each space and fit out storage rooms with shelving and hooks, to keep everything from linen to brooms and vacuum cleaners well organised.

8. ‘Clean for the Queen’

Clean every room to the highest standard, as if her majesty herself was coming to stay. Cleaning is inexpensive and there are NO excuses for not having a spotless home for open inspections – kitchens and bathrooms should be shining, and windows should glisten!

9. Style to Sell

Create warm and comfortable places in your home to stir buyers’ emotions.

Things such as a comfortable chair beside a sunny window, a popular book on a small coffee table, cushions on the lounge, a throw rug, a tidy garage for the men and a defined outdoor entertainment space are simple and effective style ideas that will help buyers picture themselves living in the home.

Making a few small adjustments can have a real impact on the first impressions of potential buyers, without changing the existing structure of your home or spending too much money. Remember, how a house looks, feels and smells sells, so a little bit of effort can go a long way!

Source: On The house group

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