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Expert tips on how to sell your home for the highest price

By Rhyley Foenander

Forget an expensive renovation, there are much easier and less daunting tasks you can tackle to get a higher price for your home.

EVERYONE wants to achieve a premium price when selling their property. We talked to the experts to get tips that will help take the stress out of the process.

PROPERTY EXPERT chief economist Nerida Conisbee knows a thing or two about property.

Making sure a property looked the best was paramount, according to chief economist Nerida Conisbee.

Ms Conisbee said decluttering and cleaning were two simple and cost effective ways that made a big difference to how buyers perceived a property.

“Be careful about renovating before you sell — you need to make sure that the renovation that you do will lead to at least the amount that you spent renovating,” she said

“If you do decide to renovate, make sure that you keep colours neutral and look at what the most popular interior design trends are.”

Ms Conisbee suggested having the property staged to “show it off” in the best light.

“You wouldn’t go to an interview without looking your best and the same goes for your home when you sell it.”

Key word searches on for Queensland properties showed buyers were big on garages, granny flats and balconies but pools topped the list as the most popular item on house hunters’ wishlists.

Selecting the correct agent to sell a property and knowing the value of a home were very important, GC Property Advisors’ Tony Coughran said.

Mr Coughran, a property valuer and an advocate for buyers and sellers, said when listing a property interview at least three agents.

“Look out for experience, strike rate, recent sales and high energy,” he said.

“Knowing the value of your home is also a big part of the puzzle to get the best traction.

“Don’t price yourself out of the market and get it right the first time, otherwise you’ll be stale and selling for less in the long run.”

Ensure the property was light, bright and airy and to get the best photography possible.

“Naturally marketing will come into play, you can’t sell a secret,” Mr Coughran said.

“Well-maintained homes that are presented in the best light don’t last long on the market and are selling for a premium price.

“You can get it very right and get a fantastic result, or do nothing and get well below market value.”

He said taking the right steps to sell a home could result in five to 10 per cent added value at sale time.


Ray White’s Larry Malan has been in the business for 21 years and has some handy hints.

After more than 21 years in the industry, business owner Larry Malan, who ran multiple Ray White agencies on the Gold Coast, said it was the small things that made a big difference when selling.

“Always fix up small repairs around your house before you go on the market,” Mr Malan said.

“It’s got to be ready to go, or it’s a renovator house. As a rule always tidy up your garden and make sure all your fixtures work.”

He said marketing the property correctly was also important, especially online and through social media.

“But there’s no doubt that print marketing in the local paper also works,” he said.

“In fact, I bought my own home after seeing an ad in the Gold Coast Bulletin as it reminded me of our home in Africa.”

Mr Malan said the magic number for selling a house at a premium was 30 days.

“Inside 30 days, competition can be created and buyers will pay a premium,” he said.

“The house is depreciating the longer it stays on the market.

If it has been listed for 60 days or longer I would withdraw it, rest it for a few months and then go again.”


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