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Better Homes and Gardens TV is looking to feature a story on a Seachange in NSW!

By Elke Blake

Better Homes and Gardens TV is looking to feature a story on a Seachange in NSW and would be interested in speaking with home owners who have moved within the last few years or who are about to make the move.

Better Homes and Gardens would discuss with them:

  • where they lived previously
  • what influenced their decision to move
  • how they selected the location
  • the challenges involved with the move
  • hopes and plans for the new lifestyle and location

This opportunity could also be suitable for people who are just about to make the change (e.g. have already purchased a property in new location).

They must be happy to appear on TV (with all members of the household) and also comfortable having their house and garden feature on the program.

Filming will take place sometime in the next few months.

For more information, contact Celia Kearin, Locations Associate Producer at Better Homes and Gardens or Phone 02 9394 2465

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